Want a Tip? Look No Further!

We are very pleased to announce the next raffle beneficiary. We have decided to dedicate the next four weeks of HashRaffle to everyone’s favorite tipping service, ChainTip!

ChainTip is an on-chain tipping service built on top of Bitcon Cash. ChainTip works through a bot that is currently active on Reddit and Twitter. Users can easily tip the author of a post or comment they like by mentioning the ChainTip bot. The bot provides an address in a message and the tipper just has to send the desired tip amount to that address. The bot automatically relays the tip to the user it’s meant for. Tip receivers can easily claim tips by providing the bot with whatever Bitcoin Cash address they choose.

It all works out to make tips easy and non-custodial. Peer-to-peer tipping for the win! The best part is that if a tippee fails to claim a tip, it gets sent right back to the tipper! No money is wasted on uninterested persons and more people get to see Bitcoin Cash in action.

Tipping with ChainTip is often the best introduction to Bitcoin Cash a person needs. Unfortunately most people in the cryptocurrency ecosystem hardly ever actually use it, instead preferring to keep everything on exchanges. Enter ChainTip.

ChainTip helps people truly experience the power of cryptocurrency, often for the first time ever. It easily shows the potential of cheap, on-chain transactions, helping people grasp the wonderful utility of peer-to-peer cash as its meant to be.

ChainTip is free to use by anyone and HashRaffle is excited to give back to an amazing service that has made a big difference for many users. Rather than four week-long raffles, this is one four-week-long raffle, with the whole thing benefitting ChainTip. At the end of the raffle, the beneficiary funds will be forwarded to ChainTip.

Enter the raffle today to support Bitcoin Cash tipping and to have a chance to win some cash!

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