That Was So Much Fun We’re Doing It Again

Our first raffle for eatBCH is complete! Congratulations to whoever made this transaction because they are the lucky winner this time!

We sold 1273 raffle tickets to raise a total of 220.76599 mBCH. 73.58866 mBCH was sent to the raffle winner, an equal amount was sent to eatBCH, and the rest (minus a small administration fee) went to seed the next raffle round. The address for the now-completed raffle can be found here and the final transaction details are here.

We are now on to our second raffle to help fund eatBCH – a Bitcoin Cash-based charity that feeds the hungry using Bitcoin Cash donations.

EatBCH needs the generosity of people like you to provide needed supplies to disadvantaged communities in places like Venezuela and South Sudan. Their works is extremely important and we can help make a difference.

Please consider playing in this new raffle round to change someone’s life (you can also donate directly to eatBCH here). The updated raffle page can be found here.

As an added bonus, we have lowered the minimum ticket purchase for qualifying to recieve RAFL. Now you only need to buy at least 10 tickets and you’ll receive 1 RAFL token for every 1 mBCH you spend on raffle tickets.

Good luck!

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