You Play the Raffle.
Bitcoin Cash Evolves.

Every raffle on HashRaffle benefits a specific project that is expanding Bitcoin Cash features, adoption, or utility. So when you play the raffle, you’re not just getting a chance to win. You’re directly contributing to the development of global peer-to-peer cash.

Every raffle beneficiary is vetted by HashRaffle to ensure that they have a track record as allies and builders of decentralized electronic cash for the world. You can have the confidence that every raffle ticket you purchase will help accelerate worldwide monetary freedom.


Every Ticket Has an Equal Chance

Every raffle ticket has a unique ID that gets combined with an unpredictable blockhash that ends the round. These values go through the SHA-256 hash function to generate completely random outputs. The ticket that generates the output with the lowest alphanumeric value wins the raffle.

Since every raffle ticket has an equal chance of winning, you control your own odds. With one transaction you can buy as many tickets as you want.* And you can always come back to buy more tickets later.


Give Yourself a Voice.

With the RaffleCash (RAFL) token built on the Simple Ledger Protocol, you can vote on the projects that matter most to you. Teams, developers, or businesses that want to be a raffle beneficiary on HashRaffle can purchase a spot with a sufficient amount of RAFL. Give them a chance by playing the raffle, getting the token, and donating.

How exactly do you get RaffleCash? When you buy 100 or more raffle tickets in a single transaction, HashRaffle will send you 1 RAFL per 1 mBCH spent. To claim your RAFL, simply use a wallet that supports SLP (Electron Cash SLP,, Badger, etc.) and it will show up soon.** If you just want to play the raffle without worrying about the RAFL token, that’s okay, too. You don’t have to claim it to enter.


Hello World

Everyone on Earth is welcome to participate in the electronic cash revolution! With Bitcoin Cash, transaction fees are always less than a penny. That’s why we can offer raffle tickets for just a few cents.

At HashRaffle we believe that nobody should be excluded from peer-to-peer cash and globe-spanning financial tools. Now everyone not only has a chance to win, but to give back to the community as well.


A Safe Bet

With strong encryption and multi-signature technology, all raffle funds are secure. When a beneficiary purchases a spot with RAFL, both HashRaffle and the raffle beneficiary have to sign off on any transactions involving the raffle address. In other words, the funds will not move unless both parties give the go-ahead.

The rules of the raffle are agreed upon beforehand between HashRaffle and the raffle beneficiary. That way raffle funds and prizes are handled and distributed in a perfectly predictable way.

*During the beta period, the maximum number of tickets per transaction is limited to 10,000.

**During the beta period, please allow 24-48 hours for RAFL to arrive in your wallet after a qualifying ticket purchase.