First Raffle Complete, Many More to Come

We have just finished up our inaugural raffle round on HashRaffle, for the benefit of We sold 944 tickets and raised a total of 0.29458579 BCH! A full third of that went directly to and an equal amount went to the raffle winner. The remaining funds (minus a small fee) will seed the next raffle round.

Congratulations to the person who made this transaction, because they are the very first raffle winner on HashRaffle! Please enjoy your 0.09819526 BCH (don’t spend it all in one place)!

You can find the raffle funds disbursement transaction here.


The Next Raffle

We are quickly moving on to our next beneficiary, eatBCH!

EatBCH is a Bitcoin Cash-based charity that works to feed people in need. They operate chapters in Venezuela and South Sudan. EatBCH depends upon donations to buy needed food for disadvantaged communities. Thanks to Bitcoin Cash, those donations can bypass expensive, high-friction, fiat payment channels and go directly to those who need assistance.

The raffle starting today is the first of four raffles in a row to benefit eatBCH. At the end of each raffle round, the beneficiary funds will be forwarded to eatBCH, who can then use it to purchase food and supplies for those in need.

We invite the P2P cash community to pitch in and donate to feed the hungry through this raffle. You might win some cash in the process, but you will definitely be making a difference in someone’s life.

Here is the schedule of raffle rounds that will benefit eatBCH:

Round 1: 4/21/21 – 4/28/21

Round 2: 4/28/21 – 5/5/21

Round 3: 5/5/21 – 5/12/21

Round 4: 5/12/21 – 5/19/21

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