Peer-to-Peer Cash.
Win Money.

We’re passionate about bringing monetary freedom to the world. Now you can help advance the world’s best currency and have a chance to win some cash in the process. With a new raffle every week, your odds just got better.

Crowdfunding Development of Bitcoin Cash - With a Twist

Enter the raffle and directly contribute to Bitcoin Cash adoption, utility, and use cases. The raffle winner splits the prize money with the raffle beneficiary. It’s a win-win.

Provably Fair

Raffle winners are randomly chosen using an unpredictable yet verifiable blockhash on BCH so anyone can check to see if the raffle rules are being followed.

No Account or Sign-in

With HashRaffle, you don't need an account. The entire raffle is on-chain, so if you purchase a ticket, you're in. If you win, the prize money will be sent to the BCH address you used to buy a ticket.

BCH Development

Every raffle directly benefits a vetted individual or group working on important features, tools, or applications for global peer-to-peer cash.


Play the raffle and earn RaffleCash (RAFL) tokens and donate them to BCH projects. Those with RAFL can redeem the tokens for a spot as a raffle beneficiary.

Global Accessibility

With borderless electronic cash and raffle tickets that cost only a few cents, everyone in the world is welcome to contribute to monetary innovations and have a chance to win.


When a beneficiary uses RAFL to purchase a spot, funds are held in a 2-of-2 multi-signature wallet so both HashRaffle and the beneficiary have to sign off on transactions moving money from the raffle address.


We are passionate about economic freedom and frictionless payments

The goal of HashRaffle is to continually push global peer-to-peer cash to its limits. We believe that the development of Bitcoin Cash fundamentals and applications is critical to that goal. Our raffles are designed to channel needed funds into the capable hands of those who are dedicated to making Bitcoin Cash flourish.


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